1. On set. Producers. Actresses.


  2. Filming Begins!

    We have begun filming and couldn’t be more thrilled! Updates to come!


  3. Glock n’Roll

    Culture House Films friend and talented film maker Kiren Van den Brandeler is currently fundraising for his latest project: Glock ‘n’ Roll.  Glock ‘n ’ Roll is the teaser for the TV Show: Fontaigny about a jobless bipolar actor seeks the ultimate gig and finds it by joining a gang of masked robbers.

    Kiren is currently funding on Indiegogo and we encourage you to check out his page:https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/glock-n-roll/

    Give if you can or just spread the word.  Go get’em Kiren!


  4. Thank you everyone!/Merci à tous!

    Our campaign on indiegogo has now closed and we have raised more than we had anticipated!  We are beyond grateful!  Thank you everyone who donated, spread the word about our campaign and supported us through it all.  We are humbled, honored and so very grateful.  Thank you all and please keep in touch for more updates on the film!

    Darcie and Rachel

    Notre campagne sur INDIEGOGO est maintenant terminée et nous avons soulevé plus que prévu! Nous sommes au-delà reconnaissant! Merci à tous ceux qui ont donné, à passer le mot au sujet de notre campagne et nous a soutenus à travers tout cela. Nous sommes humiliés, honorés et très reconnaissants. Merci à tous et s’il vous plaît de rester en contact pour plus de mises à jour sur le film!

    Darcie et Rachel


  5. Merci Eric!

    Dr Eric Delord est un cher ami de Darcie et de sa famille, et désormais un grand contributeur de Birthday Cake! Eric ton soutien et don signifient beaucoup pour nous! Ce don constitue une belle porte d’accès à la réalisation de notre film et nous en sommes éternellement reconnaissants. Merci de tout mon coeur Eric! Plein de bises!


  6. The French keep on giving!

    Merci beauoup PIERRE COLONGE!  Rachel’s grandfather-in-law has been excited about supporting the project since first he heard about it.  I’m very grateful grand-pere!  Gros bisous! xoxoxox


  7. Love you Lee!

    Lisa Milinazzo we can not thank you enough for your donation!  Lisa was not only a teacher and director of Darcie’s in NYC, but a dear friend, incredible talent, super-woman and all around bad-ass!  Thank you Lee!  You are an inspiration and I love you dearly! xoxo


  8. More love from where the sun shines!

    A big Merci Beaucoup to THAIS ROUQUET, Rachel’s sister-in-law in Marseille.  The French connection is strong and supportive!  Big hugs and bisous, Thais!



  9. The bro’s got her back!

    Rachel’s little brother MICAH SOMES gets a big merci beaucoup for his generous contribution to Birthday Cake.  Something very special about validation and support from family members :)  Thank you Micah - we’re grateful for the help! xoxoxo


  10. To our anonymous donor with love: words fail us…

    We are simply at a loss for words: thank you fails to encapsulate all we wish to communicate to the anonymous donor who donated 1000 EUR to Birthday Cake!!!  We are both humbled and overwhelmed with gratitude!  THANK YOU for this unexpected and unprecedented donation and your belief in our project!  Sending you love and gratitude beyond words!!!  Darcie and Rachel